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My personal finance blog is for weirdos

By | 22nd February 2017

If you have found your way to my site, you are likely to have an interest in personal finance. I share tips here I’ve picked up online – that will save you both time and money, and make things much easier for you. I’ll also help you escape the 9-to-5. Most situations aren’t ‘rocket science’,… Read More »

How to minimise your motoring costs

By | 21st February 2017

Of course, the absolute best way is by not having any – eliminating unnecessary journeys and instead utilising taxis, public transport and feet. But, should you have need of a vehicle then I’ll cover three common possibilities to see what costs you the least amount. For the purposes of this, we’ll take the costs over… Read More »

The robots are already here and taking jobs

By | 19th February 2017

When people hear about the rise of robots, they can mistakenly become confused with androids such as those in sci-fi shows like Westworld or Humans and think that those things are far in the future. In fact a ‘robot’ can indeed be anything that performs the work that a human used to do – it… Read More »

Robots aren’t consumers or taxpayers

By | 19th February 2017

There is a point well raised in several books I’ve read: When a robot takes someone’s job, it actually costs the company a customer. If you look around, say at supermarkets for example, you will see people ending their shift and becoming customers themselves at the till – buying the products of the shop with… Read More »

Opportunities are all around

By | 17th February 2017

If you want to get ahead, there are many opportunities. Indeed, for example, 40% of executives at a large burger chain started out ‘flipping burgers.’ However, in order to get ahead it does require an investment of your time – in the short-term perhaps by working overtime for more money or taking a second job(for… Read More »