A visit to Brooklands museum in Surrey

By | 18th September 2017


If you are in Surrey, or London, and have an interest in aviation or motoring then a great day trip is to Brooklands museum.

Located only a few miles from the A3/M25 junction it is easily reached (as long as you avoid the rush hours when the A245 Byfleet Road becomes somewhat of a car park.)

You will find much history at the site as it held motor sport races as well as aircraft works:


It is famous for the racing circuit and the banking – drivers used to go round here at 100mph, with no safety barriers or seatbelts!


There have been recent works at the site, uncovering the old finishing straight and making way for a new aircraft display building(expected to open from October 2017):


The original scoreboard for motor racing has also been restored:


There are several different buildings housing motor vehicle exhibits, as well as a bus museum on site. My own interest lies in the aircraft park which houses several aircraft. The most famous is of course Concorde, the supersonic jet that used to fly over the skies in Surrey when I was younger.

You will find several very old aircraft such as this one:


As well as old airliners, some with jets and some with propellers, that you can go aboard and ask the volunteers about:


There are a couple of aircraft with particular significance to me.

Firstly the Jet Provost, an RAF training aircraft that they used to use. Now available for civilians to buy and operate, you can obtain one of these cheaper than a family off road car and operate it with just a normal private pilots licence. Provided you can afford the running costs, as they come from a time when fuel was cheap so are somewhat thirsty:


Secondly, they have a Jetstream airliner. I used to take these on a scheduled service from London Gatwick to Leeds Bradford airports. Although you would be advised to bring ear defenders with you as they were incredibly noisy in the cabin with the propellers being so close:


You can find out more about the museum from their own website:


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