Grow your business through breakfast networking

During the working day, it can be difficult to take time out to attend networking lunches. And at the end of the day, many people can have issues with evening networking. The alternative, that suits both of these needs, is breakfast networking. There are many different organisations holding events around the UK, so you are likely to find… Read More »

A visit to Brooklands museum in Surrey

If you are in Surrey, or London, and have an interest in aviation or motoring then a great day trip is to Brooklands museum. Located only a few miles from the A3/M25 junction it is easily reached (as long as you avoid the rush hours when the A245 Byfleet Road becomes somewhat of a car park.) You will… Read More »

Tablet plus keyboard could just equal a poor experience expensive laptop

A somewhat perplexing situation exists: People are buying tablet computers, and then adding keyboards… making them actually just laptops! and not very good ones at that… A question of balance With a traditional laptop the computer and battery are in the keyboard base, with just a lightweight screen forming the top of the case. However in a tablet/keyboard… Read More »

Let’s visit Newlands Corner

Located in Surrey, Newlands Corner is an excellent viewpoint looking over the hills towards the South. You might be surprised to find out just how near this viewpoint is to a large town and from London or the South coast… Newlands corner is actually only 4 miles from Guildford town centre – so easily reached by car or… Read More »