The importance of using your accounts information for planning

Your financial accounts aren’t just something to look at once a year (perhaps several months after the year-end) … When starting your side hustle, accurate and timely figures will show you when you can make the move to full-time, so you need this information sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, there are businesses that don’t get up to speed… Read More »

The importance of keeping your own content on your own website

There are many websites that you can upload content and post on now, however there is one key drawback with posting your own content on someone else’s website… Should things change and either the website start charging excessively for hosting, or removes your content due to a change in conditions then you could lose everything. It is very… Read More »

Grow your business through breakfast networking

During the working day, it can be difficult to take time out to attend networking lunches. And at the end of the day, many people can have issues with evening networking. The alternative, that suits both of these needs, is breakfast networking. There are many different organisations holding events around the UK, so you are likely to find… Read More »

Big company suicide through cost cutting

There is a danger in trying to increase your profit through cost-cutting – you may find that you cut the very things that made you have a successful business. It’s something I’ve noticed with big businesses where their industries have new competitors, rather than focus on the quality and difference of their products – they instead just cut… Read More »