What’s the most you should spend on a car?

I discovered Dave Ramsey’s rule for maximum vehicle spending some time ago – it’s an excellent guideline to use, as it can be used by anyone: “Never own vehicles that have a total value that is more than 50% of your annual earnings” Remember that this is a maximum, if you can meet all your requirements at a… Read More »

Paper magazines are still a thing?

I used to read a large amount of magazines, however came to realise the cost and environmental impact(as for newspapers.) In addition, printing schedules mean that articles could have been written several months before you get to read them. With the fast changes happening, things could already have been superseded. However, for a while, I replaced paper magazines… Read More »

The back-to-front way of buying big things (on finance)

The first (wrong) question that usually comes up when considering some of the biggest purchases is: What are you looking to spend? However, the first question should be: What are your requirements? Many people can make the mistake of setting a budget first, before then seeing what they can spend that whole budget on. In the case of… Read More »

When will paper newspaper delivery change?

For some time now I’ve been surprised by the continued existence of paper newspapers. When you take a step back, it’s something that should have ended long ago: – A snapshot of news information is taken at one point in time (perhaps 6-12 hours before you read it) – That news is printed onto paper – The paper… Read More »