Big company suicide through cost cutting

There is a danger in trying to increase your profit through cost-cutting – you may find that you cut the very things that made you have a successful business. It’s something I’ve noticed with big businesses where their industries have new competitors, rather than focus on the quality and difference of their products – they instead just cut… Read More »

Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower

With the average country road speed limit in the South UK now being around 40mph, I predict the rise in popularity of places that can be reached by motorway/multi-lane A road/train. Attractions that rely on the ever slower country roads could find that their visitor numbers drop – particularly when congestion slows the average speed even further. One… Read More »

Crossing a river

As the summer holiday season continues, some Zen wisdom this week: Two monks came across a shallow river they needed to cross. On the bank was another person, wondering how they could get across without getting their clothes wet. The elder monk offered to carry them across, above the water. On reaching the other side, they just huffed… Read More »

The problem with overdrafts

While formal overdraft agreements can usually be made on a rolling one year basis, there is a ‘feature’ that people can often miss – they are repayable on demand with one month’s notice. So, if you are using an overdraft regularly then you could find it removed in the future and only have one month to pay back… Read More »

How to solve a recruitment ‘crisis’

Several industries appear to be reporting an alleged ‘crisis’ in recruiting people – for example transport, health or even baristas. However, an article on a pilot ‘shortage’ makes good points that are equally relevant to any profession: The job market It is rightfully called a market – supply and demand applies to workers and jobs. When there are… Read More »