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Planning the income from your state pension

Very sadly, there appears to be somewhat of an agreement between many people as to what amount you should assume you will receive from your state pension when planning retirement savings requirements… zero Of course, you may actually receive something (perhaps along the lines of these US plans) – but for the purposes of planning how much you… Read More »

Avoiding financial death by 1,000 duck bites

There is another area that can catch people out when it comes to expenditure – when a number of expenses are separated and not considered together. Individually the amounts are small, but when combined into the true picture you can find that it could be death by 1,000 small bites! Whilst someone may have a figure in mind… Read More »

Issues with debt ‘consolidation’

Sadly debt ‘consolidation’ is an area where people can stumble if they are not careful. The key point to remember with consolidation is that nothing has changed – you still have a pile of debt, but now instead of several different lenders it is all with one. There should only be one reason for doing a consolidation –… Read More »

Don’t fall victim to the sirens of easy finance

In Greek mythology the Sirens lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. It’s the same with credit and finance – if you are not careful you could find that your financial ship is heading towards disaster on the rocks. This is something I have talked about several… Read More »

The crazy cost of long haul business class flights

Perhaps there is somewhere that interests you, somewhere that you may have thought about visiting someday? If it is a long distance away from your home country then there are several decisions to be made regarding travel, that will help you narrow down the choices and then come to a conclusion regarding the cost and whether it is… Read More »