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Big company suicide through cost cutting

There is a danger in trying to increase your profit through cost-cutting – you may find that you cut the very things that made you have a successful business. It’s something I’ve noticed with big businesses where their industries have new competitors, rather than focus on the quality and difference of their products – they instead just cut… Read More »

Financial wisdom from 1987

This week’s post is somewhat different, as many people will be away on holiday/vacation. You may think that the principles of frugality, minimalism and FIRE are fairly new, but a surprising amount of wisdom in these areas can be found in the lyrics of the 1987 song Dignity by Deacon Blue: Lower earnings aren’t a barrier “He’s a… Read More »

The problem with overdrafts

While formal overdraft agreements can usually be made on a rolling one year basis, there is a ‘feature’ that people can often miss – they are repayable on demand with one month’s notice. So, if you are using an overdraft regularly then you could find it removed in the future and only have one month to pay back… Read More »

Apprenticeship or university?

There are some sad statistics for graduates – perhaps up to 2/3 of them will never pay back their student loans. In the modern world, having a degree is no longer a guarantee of a high income. And particularly so if that degree is in a subject with less commercial demand from employers. While a degree in something… Read More »

Insuring yourself for medical issues

Many people forget to look at taking out insurance on themselves, instead assuming that they may be covered by state benefits. However, as I mentioned previously, an increasingly aged population mean that benefits are likely to reduce over time. Even at present levels, are the amounts paid and service levels sufficient for your needs? It is most likely… Read More »