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A few small tweaks to your finances can bring great results. I cover how to maximise your limited money resource, to avoid overspending without useful extra benefits.

The envelope system, as cash is replaced

The envelope system is a great way of managing the budget, but sadly cash itself has started the journey out of common usage now. The system works best with actual cash and physical envelopes. You divide up the budget totals for several categories into envelopes and put cash into them. That way you can easily see what is… Read More »

Hacking your food budget

Food is usually the third largest regular expense for people, however there are ways to reduce this without having to live solely on rice and beans: Avoid/reduce restaurants There’s nothing wrong with the occasional restaurant meal or takeaway, but you are paying a high price for that convenience. I’ve already talked about how just one coffee a day… Read More »

Will car leasing become the best option?

At present, the best options for minimising motoring costs are: 1=) Buying a 3-year-old car and running it to 9 years old. 1=) Buying a 8-year-old car and running it until it fails (surprisingly, you are not actually saving any money running a ‘old banger’, due to the significant running cost increases over a newer car.) 2) Buying… Read More »

When 0% financing isn’t

You will sometimes come across adverts offering zero percent finance. However, you do need to be wary if that ‘offer’ is based on the full list price rather than a discounted one. Taking the example I used when comparing new vs 3-year-old cars, zero percent financing on the full list price isn’t the same as it would be… Read More »

Is buying a new car for cash better than at 3 years old?

Following on from my post about how to minimise your motoring costs, I read an article from a US blogger where for him buying a brand new car for cash worked out better than a used one. Using the same information as before, assuming 10,000 miles pa, I ran the numbers to see if the same situation would… Read More »