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A few small tweaks to your finances can bring great results. I cover how to maximise your limited money resource, to avoid overspending without useful extra benefits.

What’s the most you should spend on a car?

I discovered Dave Ramsey’s rule for maximum vehicle spending some time ago – it’s an excellent guideline to use, as it can be used by anyone: “Never own vehicles that have a total value that is more than 50% of your annual earnings” Remember that this is a maximum, if you can meet all your requirements at a… Read More »

The back-to-front way of buying big things (on finance)

The first (wrong) question that usually comes up when considering some of the biggest purchases is: What are you looking to spend? However, the first question should be: What are your requirements? Many people can make the mistake of setting a budget first, before then seeing what they can spend that whole budget on. In the case of… Read More »