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How to get free taxis, forever

Following on from my post about reducing car usage, there is a way to get free taxis forever. The average UK new car price was £29,000 in 2012… so if you instead invest that say £30,000 you can take £1200 a year at the regular 4% return – giving you £100 a month forever to spend on taxis.… Read More »

What is minimalism?

The great thing about minimalism is that it varies from person to person, so is unique to the individual. One good description I’ve heard(from the minimalists) is: “Minimalism isn’t that you don’t have things, but rather that the things don’t have you“ Three examples of what minimalism could be: 1) Joshua Becker is a minimalist, but has a… Read More »

Finance is actually just time travel

This is a brilliant concept I picked up from a blog by Rachel Cruze. When you think about it, finance or credit doesn’t actually create anything – all that it does is allow you to time travel into the future and ‘steal’ your future earnings… When you take out a loan, all you create is a future liability… Read More »

Remember depreciation when working out car running costs

I like electric cars – they drive better than other types and are more relaxing. However, many owners forget to include depreciation when talking about how low their running costs are. Whether you are comparing electric to petrol or just between similar cars, depreciation always needs to be accounted for. I’ve seen electric car owners talk of a… Read More »

What is a clown car?

If you drive a hybrid or electric car, perhaps you consider the 500hp SUV that travels 2 miles to town to be one? Or perhaps it’s the other way round? Following on from my post ‘what’s the most money you should spend on a car‘, there is something else to consider when it comes to cars… do you… Read More »