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My top tip for using a smartphone

Smartphones have many benefits, and with perhaps the only smartphone you’ll need costing £150 they are affordable too. However, there is one major drawback to using a smartphone – but thankfully it’s fixed very easily. Advantages Camera – as the saying goes “the best camera in the world… is the one you have with you.” By always having… Read More »

What’s the best value smartphone?

I used to have top of the range smartphones, however their prices have been increasing steadily over the last few years. We are now at a point where a top phone costs around £700, which is crazy – for that you can buy a decent laptop, a good smartphone, and still have £200 change! Sadly, many people don’t… Read More »

How to get free taxis, forever

Following on from my post about reducing car usage, there is a way to get free taxis forever. The average UK new car price was £29,000 in 2012… so if you instead invest that say £30,000 you can take £1200 a year at the regular 4% return – giving you £100 a month forever to spend on taxis.… Read More »

What is a clown car?

If you drive a hybrid or electric car, perhaps you consider the 500hp SUV that travels 2 miles to town to be one? Or perhaps it’s the other way round? Following on from my post ‘what’s the most money you should spend on a car‘, there is something else to consider when it comes to cars… do you… Read More »

Paper magazines are still a thing?

I used to read a large amount of magazines, however came to realise the cost and environmental impact(as for newspapers.) In addition, printing schedules mean that articles could have been written several months before you get to read them. With the fast changes happening, things could already have been superseded. However, for a while, I replaced paper magazines… Read More »