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Financial wisdom from 1987

This week’s post is somewhat different, as many people will be away on holiday/vacation. You may think that the principles of frugality, minimalism and FIRE are fairly new, but a surprising amount of wisdom in these areas can be found in the lyrics of the 1987 song Dignity by Deacon Blue: Lower earnings aren’t a barrier “He’s a… Read More »

How to solve a recruitment ‘crisis’

Several industries appear to be reporting an alleged ‘crisis’ in recruiting people – for example transport, health or even baristas. However, an article on a pilot ‘shortage’ makes good points that are equally relevant to any profession: The job market It is rightfully called a market – supply and demand applies to workers and jobs. When there are… Read More »

Apprenticeship or university?

There are some sad statistics for graduates – perhaps up to 2/3 of them will never pay back their student loans. In the modern world, having a degree is no longer a guarantee of a high income. And particularly so if that degree is in a subject with less commercial demand from employers. While a degree in something… Read More »

Your passions and your profession

These can be interlinked, and you should indeed make sure that what you are spending most of your time doing is what you want to. However, you do need to be sensible and make good financial choices – perhaps coming to a solution that indulges your passion while also providing financial security and growth. Two of my passions… Read More »

How to fund your side hustle

When you are starting a new business, the absolute best way to fund it is via cash savings – there are actually several hidden benefits of doing it this way: 1) No interest payments – if you borrow money then there will be an interest charge. Instead, the money you would have spent on interest is available to… Read More »