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What is more important – hours or results?

When you run your own business, you choose your hours. While many people start a business to get a better work/life balance you will likely find that you end up working more hours initially – but this is ok, as it is an investment in your future. However, you need to be very aware of this only being… Read More »

What is minimalism?

The great thing about minimalism is that it varies from person to person, so is unique to the individual. One good description I’ve heard(from the minimalists) is: “Minimalism isn’t that you don’t have things, but rather that the things don’t have you“ Three examples of what minimalism could be: 1) Joshua Becker is a minimalist, but has a… Read More »

What is success, how do you define it?

Contrary to what many people may have been led to believe, your success isn’t defined by advertising. Many of the alleged ‘symbols of success’ advertised can be freely obtained through finance, so cannot be used as a reliable method to define when you might believe you have ‘made it.’ In 1879 Will Rogers said: “Too many people spend… Read More »

When will paper newspaper delivery change?

For some time now I’ve been surprised by the continued existence of paper newspapers. When you take a step back, it’s something that should have ended long ago: – A snapshot of news information is taken at one point in time (perhaps 6-12 hours before you read it) – That news is printed onto paper – The paper… Read More »