Crossing a river

By | 7th August 2017

As the summer holiday season continues, some Zen wisdom this week:

Two monks came across a shallow river they needed to cross.

On the bank was another person, wondering how they could get across without getting their clothes wet.

The elder monk offered to carry them across, above the water.

On reaching the other side, they just huffed at the monk and walked off without saying thanks.

This upset the younger monk greatly and several hours of deliberation later he asked the elder how he himself could not be upset by this.

His reply – I put down that person down hours ago, why are you still carrying them?

You are almost guaranteed to come across a small percentage of people like this in your travels (rhymes with gas poles), don’t continue to carry them in your thoughts afterwards – move on.

The Japanese have a good expression – Shō ga nai (しょうがない)

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