How to get free taxis, forever

By | 4th February 2017


Following on from my post about reducing car usage, there is a way to get free taxis forever.

The average UK new car price was £29,000 in 2012…

so if you instead invest that say £30,000 you can take £1200 a year at the regular 4% return – giving you £100 a month forever to spend on taxis. For some people this could be all you need a month to cover your transportation costs.

Even for those who drive quite a few miles, when you consider all the other normal costs of car ownership in addition to the purchase, such as:


road tax





congestion charges

(…as well as all the hassle on top, due to overcrowded roads/lack of parking and other users with frayed tempers,)

you find that you could actually save significant amounts of money, while still being mobile thanks to taxis.

I’m predicting the cost of taxis will come down in the coming years, but even at 2017 prices in many cases you are still much better off than owning a car – provided you eliminate the unnecessary journeys I talk about in my earlier post.

After building up 17 years experience in industry and practice, James started his own business from scratch in 2006. He now helps others to do the same, while minimising both the risks and costs. James is dual qualified in tax and accounts, and has won multiple awards for small business. In 2014 he was invited to Downing Street, as one of the Small Business Saturday 100 winners.

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