How to solve a recruitment ‘crisis’

By | 17th July 2017

How to solve a recuitment 'crisis'

Several industries appear to be reporting an alleged ‘crisis’ in recruiting people – for example transport, health or even baristas.

However, an article on a pilot ‘shortage’ makes good points that are equally relevant to any profession:

The job market
It is rightfully called a market – supply and demand applies to workers and jobs.

When there are lots of people looking for work in your area then you can pay them less and not offer much in the way of benefits, but…

When there are fewer people seeking the roles that you are offering, then you have to pay them more.

Seems simple, yet there have been companies complaining recently that they can’t fill positions.

There is no ‘crisis’, it is just that in the past they were able to pay low wages for a while and have many applicants.

Now the market has changed and they need to pay more to attract staff.

Paying more can also include job security, training, health insurance, etc. – all benefits that make up the total package to attract and retain staff.

When the overall package meets the needs of the available workforce then you will have applicants – perhaps even people changing career if your package is very good.

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