Is buying a new car for cash better than at 3 years old?

By | 8th March 2017


Following on from my post about how to minimise your motoring costs, I read an article from a US blogger where for him buying a brand new car for cash worked out better than a used one.

Using the same information as before, assuming 10,000 miles pa, I ran the numbers to see if the same situation would apply in the UK.

While there is indeed a reduction in motoring expenses by buying new rather than leasing, it is still more expensive than running a second-hand car from 3 to 9 years old.

In the table below I’ve used the same car, a Yaris Hybrid. While the new price is listed at £17000, you can pick one up through a broker for just over £15,000.

The fact that the second-hand values drop quite a bit makes purchasing a 3-year-old car better, however it is a calculation that you should run for yourself depending on which model of car you are looking at.

A 3-year-old car at £8,000 is significantly less than the discounted new price of £15,000.

For the example, I’ve assumed that the brand new car will be worth £4000 as a trade in at the end of 6 years.

10,000 miles paNew Car for cash3 Years Old
Extended Warranty£370£1,480
Fuel Costs£7,640£7,640
Road Tax£0£0
Per Mile39p33p
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