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By | 11th February 2017


If you are looking to increase your earnings, then training is to be recommended.

When I started my career I was learning in my spare time – this meant evenings and weekends on top of the normal working day.

It’s something that should always continue, even if you are not in a professional area that requires annual CPD(Continuing Professional Development.)

The world of work is changing fast, so new skills will aid you.

Whatever device you are reading this on can now become your classroom. When I started out, I had to physically go to training courses which cost money as well as travel. With a physical course you could only learn when you were present in person.

Now, there are many free courses available to you such as:

– I have just recently passed the Google garage course on online marketing.

– The OU has many free courses. I took their introduction to cyber security course a while ago.

– My own start a business, easily with low costs, course.

YouTube has many lectures on a wide range of subjects – just type what you are looking for into the search box.

Many courses can be downloaded to your device for offline access – you could be learning while standing on the tube for example – using otherwise wasted time.

If you want to earn more, then learning more will help.

James McBrearty started his own business from scratch in 2006, to help the self-employed.

He helps people to escape from the corporate world and shares his thoughts here on the changing world of work, technology and personal finances; as well as the occasional travel post.

Over the next 10 years things are going to change significantly. James is a follower of frugality and minimalism; and an advocate of F.I.R.E. to minimise the coming disruption.

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