Why is commuting still a thing?

Over 15 years ago I worked for a firm that used video conferencing, remote working and flexible working. Back then these may have been ahead of their time, so by now I would have expected widespread adoption – particularly due to technology advances and cost reductions. Our videoconferencing machine cost £25,000 – now almost any smartphone, tablet or… Read More »

What is more important – hours or results?

When you run your own business, you choose your hours. While many people start a business to get a better work/life balance you will likely find that you end up working more hours initially – but this is ok, as it is an investment in your future. However, you need to be very aware of this only being… Read More »

The fun vs. cost scale

This is a great concept I discovered online – allocating a number to experiences: Fun x cost = fun value number The number will vary as you are in different life stages, so just because you were doing something in the past it’s ok to move on to other things as your priorities change. For example, I used… Read More »

What is man (or woman) math?

This is an intriguing expression I discovered in an online forum. Basically, man/woman math(s) involves justifying a dodgy financial decision using the power of math and perhaps incomplete facts in your assumptions. It can be easy to fall prey to the numbers, and end up being able to justify something that doesn’t make good financial sense at all.… Read More »

The secret to happiness

The Polish have a wonderful expression: Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy – which translates as ‘not my circus, not my monkeys.’ If something is bothering you, think about if it is actually anything to do with you personally and/or something that you can influence. If it is, then take action. If not, you have the answer… You… Read More »