Beware of the math when looking at transport options

There is a danger when looking at travel costs, if you take the annual cost per mile over a large number of miles for a car. By car, the cheapest cost per mile is around 35p no matter whether you run an old banger or something more modern. BUT this is over a whole year covering 10,000 miles.… Read More »

How do you eat a banana?

Very much like the urban legend of the ham*, it’s a great example of how people can carry on doing the same thing and pass that on to others without really understanding things. You pull the stalk and peel it, right? Wrong – you pinch the other end and then peel. It’s much easier, no mess, and it’s… Read More »

That £250,000 cup of coffee

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat, or indeed a daily treat should you so wish. But, the danger comes from supposedly small purchases that actually add up significantly – usually without people realising it. I’m using a cup of coffee as an example, but that could easily apply to other small purchases. Personally, I have a penchant… Read More »

Using a credit card for emergencies…

Although not essential, there are three reasons why you may want to use a credit card instead of a debit card: 1) Hiring a car – many companies require you to have a valid credit card. One possibility though is to sign up for the company loyalty scheme, that way rentals are charged to the debit card on… Read More »

Frugality and minimalism aren’t deprivation

A common misconception is that those who follow frugality and minimalism are somehow depriving themselves. As I discussed in ‘what is minimalism‘, there are no minimalism/frugality rules that you must adhere to – it’s different for everyone as they will have their own interpretation. Just as retirement doesn’t mean not working ever again. It is not that you… Read More »