What is man (or woman) math?

This is an intriguing expression I discovered in an online forum. Basically, man/woman math(s) involves justifying a dodgy financial decision using the power of math and perhaps incomplete facts in your assumptions. It can be easy to fall prey to the numbers, and end up being able to justify something that doesn’t make good financial sense at all.… Read More »

The secret to happiness

The Polish have a wonderful expression: Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy – which translates as ‘not my circus, not my monkeys.’ If something is bothering you, think about if it is actually anything to do with you personally and/or something that you can influence. If it is, then take action. If not, you have the answer… You… Read More »

Beware of people trying to sell you ladders

Sadly many marketing tries to sell you on the idea that you have to constantly be looking to improve and move up on a purchase. As I mentioned in an earlier post, about how people buy things backwards, this should be something that you positively ignore. You can see the ladder in many different things, such as phones,… Read More »

How to get free taxis, forever

Following on from my post about reducing car usage, there is a way to get free taxis forever. The average UK new car price was £29,000 in 2012… so if you instead invest that say £30,000 you can take £1200 a year at the regular 4% return – giving you £100 a month forever to spend on taxis.… Read More »

One day in Edinburgh

Having visited Edinburgh frequently, this is my recommended itinerary if you only have one day. My Edinburgh tour starts and ends at Waverley station, so is easy to do wherever you are coming from. Starting at Waverley station, you may want to take one of the open-top bus tours that run from here and bring you back afterwards.… Read More »