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If you have always wanted to become self-employed, the best way to do this is by starting part-time, what is now known as the ‘side hustle.’

There is a lot of new information to consider when you become self-employed if you have only been an employee before.

Sadly, without guidance and planning, many people continue to repeat the same mistakes as others when they start a small business.

I built up my experience helping people in industry and practice over a period of 17 years, before going on to found my own business in 2006. Since then I have helped hundreds more small businesses to grow and seen common themes that arise when people are looking to make the switch from employee to business owner.

As I have dual qualifications in tax and accounts this helps others with the financial side of growing a business. There are also other considerations due to a shift in responsibilities – many of which are unplanned for and can take up significant amounts of time unless you are aware in advance.

One of the most common issues that can arise is that small business owners have to also become salespeople, when it may not be something they have done before. It can be a steep learning curve, on top of the many other responsibilities of a new and growing business…

My free start a business easily course - now over 4250 students in 130 countries

Free online course
That is why I created my free online course in 2016, so that people can avoid these common mistakes and also reduce the risks. I also cover how to minimise your costs, and how by avoiding financing you further increase your chances of success.

I now have more than 4,250 students enrolled in my free business course, located in 130 countries around the world.

James McBrearty's books for small business owners - Chocks Away and Power Climb

Small business tips book
For those already running a small business, my second book ‘Power Climb: Growing your small business’, published in 2012, can help as it contains easy to use sections relevant to many areas of small business growth.

James McBrearty's Small Business Help Blog - tips and advice to help you succeed

Small business help blog
Please do visit my small business help blog, there I share small business tips and help you to maximise the value you receive for your limited money resource.

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Beyond these resources, I am also available for consultations, training and presentations – visit the contact tab to get in touch.