Start and grow your own small business

Start and grow your own small business

If you have always wanted to become self-employed, the best way to do this is by starting part-time, what is now known as the ‘side hustle.’

There is a lot of new information to consider when you become self-employed if you have only been an employee before.

Sadly, without guidance and planning, many people continue to repeat the same mistakes as others when they start a small business.


Free online course
That is why I created my free online course in 2016, so that people can avoid these common mistakes and also reduce the risks. I also cover how to minimise your costs, and how by avoiding financing you further increase your chances of success.

I now have more than 4,250 students enrolled in my free business course, located in 130 countries around the world.


Small business tips book
For those already running a small business, my second book ‘Power Climb: Growing your small business’ can help as it contains easy to use sections relevant to many areas of small business growth.

No-one will save you, but they will help you - IF you take action

Small business help blog
Please do visit my small business help blog, there I share small business tips to maximise the value you receive for your limited money resource. I also share the occasional travel post, as well as my thoughts on the changing world of work and technology.


Beyond these resources, I am also available for consultations, training and presentations – visit the contact tab to get in touch.