Paper magazines are still a thing?

By | 24th January 2017


I used to read a large amount of magazines, however came to realise the cost and environmental impact(as for newspapers.)

In addition, printing schedules mean that articles could have been written several months before you get to read them. With the fast changes happening, things could already have been superseded.

However, for a while, I replaced paper magazines with their electronic versions. The high quality of screens on modern PCs and tablets mean that you had a good quality for images.

Paper magazines were formatted for reading on paper, so using a screen to read them electronically lead to a less than ideal experience.

Now, I have replaced them with the web – there are various forums online that provide me with the latest news, alongside some of the magazine websites that provide an occasional article.

YouTube has also replaced a fair amount of magazine articles for me – if you are interested in a product then you can actually see it being used through video rather than just read about it.

Similarly, when I am looking at foreign locations it is much better to watch a YouTube video from someone who actually lives there rather than read an article from a visitor.

As with newspapers, there are magazines continuing to offer subscriptions based on old pricing models and formats when what we really need is articles/magazines online and formatted to be responsive(meaning that whatever your screen size, the text reformats itself to make best use of the space you have) and a new pricing model.

After building up 17 years experience in industry and practice, James started his own business from scratch in 2006.

He now helps others to do the same, while minimising both the risks and costs.

James is dual qualified in tax and accounts, and has won multiple awards for small business. In 2014 he was invited to Downing Street, as one of the Small Business Saturday 100 winners.

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