Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower

By | 14th August 2017

With the average country road speed limit in the South UK now being around 40mph, I predict the rise in popularity of places that can be reached by motorway/multi-lane A road/train. Attractions that rely on the ever slower country roads could find that their visitor numbers drop – particularly when congestion slows the average speed even further.

One easily reached place that I recommend is Portsmouth – an easy train ride from central London, and also well served by reasonable road links for cars from many locations. This makes it an ideal day trip location, or even for a longer stay with the large number of airBNB type apartments available.

You will likely want to visit Gunwharf Quays, the shopping centre by the water. While there I would recommend a visit to the Spinnaker Tower.

You can see the Spinnaker Tower from a long distance as it is over 100 metres tall:


Currently in 2017 the cost for visiting is around £10 (it’s cheaper if you prebook online beforehand) and that entitles you to a hand stamp that will let you visit as many times as you want during the day.

Getting to the top is quick via the lift – I’d recommend visiting the cafe in the clouds first:


There are three levels – the first level is for viewing, the second is the cafe and the third is another viewing area but with no roof so you are open to the elements.

You have an excellent view South towards the Isle of Wight – here you can see the foot passenger ferry I recommend for visits there:


To the North you can see the Historic Dockyard, also worth a visit (the annual pass is to be recommended):


While at the tower, should you be feeling brave/crazy, you may want to take your shoes off and walk on a glass floor 100 metres above the ground (or not!):


After your tower visit, there is plenty to explore around the Gunwharf Quays complex:


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