Real hero inexpensive watches vs expensive movie watches

By | 28th August 2017

In the movies you may see the fictional hero wearing a specific brand of watch – likely product placement by the watch manufacturer. It may be something similar to the above picture and cost several thousand pounds.

However, in the real world you might be surprised to find that real professionals are wearing a watch that is somewhat different… and costs less than 100 pounds.

A good example of this are models in the Casio G Shock range or similar – worn by professionals around the world:

Casio G Shock or similar real professional watch

And by professionals, I mean those real people who stand ready to deliver justice in the night to those who would do us harm while we sleep soundly in our beds:

Professionals who stand ready to deliver justice in the night to those who would do us harm

As well as being constructed to take abuse, these watches are lightweight and only require a battery to be changed perhaps every couple of years or so. The battery change can be done anywhere, rather than requiring a dedicated expensive service centre. Should something extreme happen to the watch, then the whole watch replacement cost could be less than just the cost of a service on that expensive movie watch.

I have a Casio G Shock myself, although I went for a bright colour rather than the tactical black that is preferred by professionals.

A brilliant review of the black version on Amazon stated that if you just want a quick glance at the time, the all black tactical colour scheme means that you would have to be batman living on carrots to see it!

So, when choosing your next watch you might want to choose a model that real professionals wear rather than fictional ones with product placement… and save yourself a load of money too.

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