Start a side hustle

By | 3rd April 2017

Start a side hustle

If you have always wanted to start your own business, the best way to do it is part-time initially – what is now known as a side hustle.

Starting part-time has many benefits, indeed it is the method I recommend myself.

People are often unprepared for what lies ahead when starting a business, so a side hustle gives you the chance to build up both your experience and the business with low risk.

It is hard to start a new business from scratch full-time when you are also trying to earn enough to live off as well, so reducing this pressure is to be recommended.

As sales may be something new to you, a side hustle both increases your chances of making a sale(you will be less pressured, so come across better) and also lets you weed out unsuitable clients that you may be tempted to take on when you need the money for living expenses.

I’ll cover in another post what the best source of business funding is, whatever the stage of the business.

You do need to be prepared for the hard work starting a side hustle as your leisure time will be reduced to spend on the business. You will become what they call a ‘5 to 9’ worker in your own business in addition to working the ‘9 to 5’ as an employee for someone else.

One other advantage of starting part-time is that you can trial ideas that are higher risk. If they don’t work out then your main income isn’t affected, and you will have the satisfaction from knowing that you tried when so many won’t even take the first step.

You can find out more about starting a business, easily and with low risks, from my free online course.

After building up 17 years experience in industry and practice, James started his own business from scratch in 2006.

He now helps others to do the same, while minimising both the risks and costs.

James is dual qualified in tax and accounts, and has won multiple awards for small business. In 2014 he was invited to Downing Street, as one of the Small Business Saturday 100 winners.

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