Tablet plus keyboard could just equal a poor experience expensive laptop

By | 11th September 2017

Tablet plus keyboard equals laptop

A somewhat perplexing situation exists:

People are buying tablet computers, and then adding keyboards…

making them actually just laptops!

and not very good ones at that…

A question of balance
With a traditional laptop the computer and battery are in the keyboard base, with just a lightweight screen forming the top of the case.

However in a tablet/keyboard combination things are reversed – making them difficult to use on an actual lap.

One solution I saw with a tablet/keyboard combination I used to own was putting a big weight in the keyboard to try to balance things – pretty pointless as you are left carrying around a dead weight that isn’t part of the necessary components and also losing any weight advantage you had to start.

Do you need a tablet at all?
While it might look cool to be on your branded tablet, remember that in the most cases a tablet is just a big phone.

So… you might be able to replace your phone with a larger screen one (5.5 – 6.4 inch phones are cheap and readily available, if you avoid expensive overpowered phones) and not need a tablet at all.

The advantage of a large screen phone (or phablet as they are sometimes called) is that it is always with you wherever you go.

Avoid unnecessary cost
There is a danger of buying too much computer.

For many people an inexpensive netbook style laptop with a 64Gb SSD drive (expandable via SD card) might be the most efficient solution.

Indeed, the cost of buying such a device isn’t much more than just the cost of a manufacturer keyboard for an expensive pro tablet!

Weight advantage?
While in the past laptops were heavy 2.5kg machines, the netbook I mentioned above only weighs 1.1kg – not too much difference from a tablet and keyboard combined.

Save money
Unless you are actually using a tablet in tablet mode for the majority of the time, you can save yourself some money and get a better experience by going for a real laptop instead.

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