Understand Finances

Many people end up paying large amounts of money for things that should be more affordable. Or even, just buying what appear to be small things without realising how much of a huge impact they have on your finances over time.

Whether it’s paying a premium for products that don’t justify the extra spend, or paying extra for financing items – there is another way.

Through a combination of minimalism and frugality principles, it’s possible to have the same or even greater enjoyment – all while reducing your outgoings.

Rather than deprivation, these concepts in fact just allow you to remove the unnecessary and instead focus your efforts on what really matters to you.

It is through an understanding of finances that you can achieve your dreams, much easier than you would have believed.

With all the changes coming to the world of work, I believe that F.I.R.E. is the future – the concept links together finances and what work and retirement should be – you have a blank canvas to create absolutely the life that you want, whatever form that takes.