What’s the best value smartphone?

By | 6th March 2017


I used to have top of the range smartphones, however their prices have been increasing steadily over the last few years.

We are now at a point where a top phone costs around £700, which is crazy – for that you can buy a decent laptop, a good smartphone, and still have £200 change!

Sadly, many people don’t realise just how much a smartphone costs these days if they are only paying a monthly amount rather than buying the phone for cash.

A few years ago I was using a Samsung Note 3 – one of the early big phones or phablets. When it came time to change the phone, I found that new phones were now over £500 which is just too expensive.

After a lot of research I switched to a Motorola Moto G smartphone – the screen was still fairly big and the phone had all the functions I needed.

I was very impressed with the Moto G, one advantage Motorola has is that they use a basic version of the Android operating system. Without all the ‘bloatware’ that is installed on many other phones it means that a top-end processor isn’t required, and a lower spec one performs just fine.

The only drawback I found with the phone was that it had 8Gb of inbuilt memory, however this has been addressed as the current model Moto G has 16Gb which is more than sufficient. Adding a memory card enables you to store more data should it be required.

Currently the Moto G phones sell for around £150 – a similar price to when I had mine, even though there have been specification improvements.

The Moto G is certainly the smartphone I would recommend, freeing up funds for other areas instead of it all going towards a phone.

As an added bonus, should you be unfortunate to damage or lose the phone then you could replace it nearly 5 times over before you had even got to the cost of purchasing just one top-end smartphone!

After building up 17 years experience in industry and practice, James started his own business from scratch in 2006. He now helps others to do the same, while minimising both the risks and costs. James is dual qualified in tax and accounts, and has won multiple awards for small business. In 2014 he was invited to Downing Street, as one of the Small Business Saturday 100 winners.

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