What’s the best value smartphone?

By | 6th March 2017


I used to have top of the range smartphones, however their prices have been increasing steadily over the last few years.

We are now at a point where a top phone costs around £700, which is crazy – for that you can buy a decent laptop, a good smartphone, and still have £200 change!

Sadly, many people don’t realise just how much a smartphone costs these days if they are only paying a monthly amount rather than buying the phone for cash.

A few years ago I was using a Samsung Note 3 – one of the early big phones or phablets. When it came time to change the phone, I found that new phones were now over £500 which is just too expensive.

After a lot of research I switched to a Motorola Moto G smartphone – the screen was still fairly big and the phone had all the functions I needed.

I was very impressed with the Moto G, one advantage Motorola has is that they use a basic version of the Android operating system. Without all the ‘bloatware’ that is installed on many other phones it means that a top-end processor isn’t required, and a lower spec one performs just fine.

The only drawback I found with the phone was that it had 8Gb of inbuilt memory, however this has been addressed as the current model Moto G has 16Gb which is more than sufficient. Adding a memory card enables you to store more data should it be required.

Currently the Moto G phones sell for around £150 – a similar price to when I had mine, even though there have been specification improvements.

The Moto G is certainly the smartphone I would recommend, freeing up funds for other areas instead of it all going towards a phone.

As an added bonus, should you be unfortunate to damage or lose the phone then you could replace it nearly 5 times over before you had even got to the cost of purchasing just one top-end smartphone!

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