What’s the colour of the boathouse at Hereford?

By | 3rd March 2017

What's the colour of the boathouse at Hereford

In life, and especially online, you will come across fantasists – perhaps they imagine themselves to be adventurers, gurus or experts.

What you see online can be carefully edited though, rather than the true story. It’s also very easy to ‘Photoshop’ yourself into pictures now.

However, the great power of the internet is that it is also fairly easy to check people out and see if what they are saying is actually true.

If they claim to have had business success, adventure hobbies or perhaps to have won awards, then you can investigate to see if that is actually the case.

I once had a lady at a networking event tell me she was a social media expert and lecture me on how I should use it – I checked her out online and found that not only did she only have a handful of followers, she mostly tweeted about her breakfast!

Another good example are the people who claim to be commercial pilots, to try to impress others. People who actually fly can easily spot them. Sometimes they may post pictures wearing a pilot’s shirt with their captains epaulettes, but are sitting in a little 2 or 4 seat plane. Some may only have had a few lessons and never actually qualified, saying things that no qualified pilot would.

Remember – what you see online may not always be the accurate truth.

Always check things out for yourself.

If you have any doubt, then you could indeed be correct.

(The title of the post comes from a scene in one of my favourite movies, Ronin. In the movie Sean Bean’s character claims to be ex-SAS, who are based in Hereford. Robert De Niro’s character calls him out on this by asking what colour the boathouse is there. He’s of course unable to answer as he was never with the SAS… afterwards we find out that De Niro’s character has no clue what the colour of the boathouse is – it was just a bluff because he was suspicious!)

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