When will paper newspaper delivery change?

By | 14th January 2017


For some time now I’ve been surprised by the continued existence of paper newspapers.

When you take a step back, it’s something that should have ended long ago:

– A snapshot of news information is taken at one point in time (perhaps 6-12 hours before you read it)

– That news is printed onto paper

– The paper is delivered to shops

– People travel to the shops to collect it

– Finally the paper is put into recycling and transported to a recycling centre

When you look at all the steps, and the time and environmental impact they have, it’s a most inefficient system considering current technology:

A tablet for reading the news
For those without a smartphone, for the cost of one month’s worth of newspapers you can buy a 7″ tablet that will fit in a pocket.

With that you have access to the latest news, and can download it for offline reading.

While the delivery method should have changed, there will of course be a need for good journalists to provide that information. However the newspapers don’t seem to have come up with a decent subscription model for digital use yet – the ones I have seen to date are charging huge amounts.

However journalists are another profession that should be aware of the future – some sites now have news stories written by ‘robots’ already! It’s difficult for people to tell the difference between a robot written story and one written by humans – and the technology is just in its early stages.

This article from the Guardian will be of interest:

AI is already making inroads into journalism but could it win a Pulitzer?

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2 thoughts on “When will paper newspaper delivery change?

  1. Mustard Seed Money

    It’s definitely interesting to see the decline in newspaper. I initially attributed it to Craigslist stealing the market share from the classified section. Then with the splintering of politics it’s interesting to see how twitter and the various websites are competing for eye balls and ad dollars. Should be very interesting to see how newspapers make money in the future.

    1. James McBrearty Post author

      Yes, at the moment we have several newspapers in the UK who are trying to charge almost the same price for a digital subscription as a paper one – as well as locking people into a 12 month subscription.

      As yet, they don’t seem to have come up with a subscription model that provides value for the new type of readership.


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