When you’re walking on eggs… don’t hop!

By | 4th March 2017


Following on from my post about fantasists, they can actually often catch themselves out without any assistance.

Sometimes they start to believe their own spin they have created. As a result, their claims become wilder over time – trying to create a false sense of improvement based on their original fabrications.

Sadly, it’s also something that can be seen financially. As I said in my post ‘What is success?‘, the traditional badges of success can all easily be obtained on finance – fake it till you make it isn’t advice to be followed at all.


Indeed, I heard a story a while ago how a couple had their top model financed SUV repossessed for failing to make payments… after they had just returned from an expensive holiday!

As always, you need to look beneath the surface for the truth – don’t believe everything you hear and be especially wary of spending money based on an impression that someone could have created.

(The title of the post comes from a scene in another of my favourite movies, where a police helicopter pilot is receiving some wise words of advice from his boss.)

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